An initiative by Texans for traffic relief


The “Mega” Problem  

Problem: Texas is spending billions on transportation and we’re still billions short.


Even though the state is spending billions of dollars per year on transportation, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) says it’s not even enough to maintain the current levels of congestion.


So, if you think traffic on I-35 is bad now, just wait! In fact, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute estimates that by 2035, it could take two to four hours to travel through Central Texas on I-35 if nothing is done to alleviate the congestion.


Problem: Texas, particularly Central Texas, is growing. Fast.


On average, we gain more than 1,000 new Texans each day and over 150 in the Austin area alone. And they’re bringing their cars!  Just wait… traffic is only going to get worse if our state government doesn’t start taking steps immediately to Fix 35 now.

Problem: The cost to fix I-35 in Central Texas is Huge. Really, really huge.


According to TxDOT’s 2018-2019 Unified Transportation Plan—the master plan for the state’s roads—the I-35 in Central Texas mega project will cost approximately $8 billion and is 90% unfunded over the next ten years.


The only way to get that kind of money for one mega project is to take money away from every other major project in other urban areas and drain rural Texas of its share of transportation funding.

Translation: Texas is on the verge of a major crisis with I-35 in Central Texas. And currently, there is no plan to address this mega problem.